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The Crew

Our growers: Ricca Terra Farms – pioneers of the old

The flower-braids and sideburns might be a bit much. But we love our Riverland grape-growing mates at Ricca Terra Farms because (like us) they do grapes differently. Like pioneering alternate varieties and sustainable growing practices. And picking, sorting and de-MOG-ing* by hand, for human-powered quality control.
*MOG = Matter Other than Grapes (it’s a techy wine thing)

Our makers: Welshmans Reef Winery – letting the fruit sing

The gold might be all but exhausted from the Castlemaine area, but our winemaking friends at Welshmans Reef Winery are still producing plenty of natural jewels. Their approach is so hands-off you could mistake it for lazy. That’s until you cop a mouthful of the energetic purity of the wines they produce.